Where Does Animal Feed Come From?

Where Does Animal Feed Come From?


Choosing the best animal feed for your cattle

When it comes to your livestock, you want to make sure they grow strong and healthy. To produce and mature at the right rate, you want your animals fodder to be full of protein. That is why finding animal feed producers that sell top quality feed for your cattle or other livestock, should be at the top of your list.

How Is Feed Is Made?

Feed that is produced for your livestock is mixed by nutritionists. These nutritionists focus on providing your animal with a healthy dietary option. Making sure your animal has the right balanced diet with the proper amount of nutrients is a tough task. Often feed nutritionists will have a masters degree in animal nutrition.

Animal nutritionists utilize more than 900 ingredients to create the perfect balanced diet. These ingredients will come from suppliers, then will be mixed to meet the right formula, and finally shipped for sale.

Top Animal Nutrition Companies

Some of the top nutritional feed suppliers like Cargill and CP group make it a point to provide the best quality feed. Cargill alone is one of the largest providers in the United States and offers complete feed solutions for your animals supplement needs.

If you are looking for feed premixes or base mixes, you want to make sure that you choose a reputable animal fodder or forage supplier. After all, paying less for your animals nutritional needs will only cost you more money in the long run. Make sure you take the time to study the reputation of top animal feed companies before purchase.

Animal Feed Protein Sources

Top Feed and Fodder SuppliersSome of the best suppliers understand that protein in your pet’s diet is essential. But where do companies like Cargill and Thailand’s CP Group, get their protein from?

Over 60% of the entire world’s animal feed comes from only ten countries. With less than 3800 feed mills making up the majority of the whole feed industry.

Three major protein sources are used in your animals feed regardless of the type. Oil-meals are number one with over 316 million tons, then animal by-products producing over 10 million tons and finally fish-meal with a minor 7 million tons.

Though there are more options for protein, the big feed suppliers rely on these three primary sources. The United States and China produce the most significant concentrations of protein that are used in feed. However, Thailand who produces the least is the second biggest feed supplier in the world.

Purchase Locally or From National Distributors?

As stated previously, CP group and Cargill dominate the feed industry. That does not mean that you should look into other options for your animals fodder. In fact, buying locally may often be a better option. There are financial benefits of supporting local feed suppliers. You can help boost your local economy and sometimes get more natural feed options.

As with any nutritional product you buy, purchasing locally offers a more organic option. With no need to transport your animals feed by truck across the country, feed stays fresh a lot longer.

Ultimately, the choice you make will effect your bottom line. Make sure you spend time comparing feed and supplement companies and ask around your local area. You never know what local providers are out there that you might be unaware of.