Basic Ingredient of Animal Feeds

Basic Ingredient of Animal Feeds


What do animals feeds have? What are the differences of these feeds?

Although feeds vary in composition, animal feed companies see to that in any type of feed the basic ingredients and nutrients are added. This is to ensure normal health and growth of the animals.

What Are the Basic Nutrients in an Animal Feed

The basic nutrients that animal feed companies add in an animal feed are proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins, minerals, and antibiotics and growth stimulants.

What are these nutrients for? And why are they added to every animal feed?


Proteins help with muscle build up and animal growth. Aside from that, animals are also our source of protein. Milk, egg, and meat from animals which are made cheese and other dairy products are what we consume for protein, and so they themselves need to have lots of it in their bodies, too. Animals need an adequate amount of proteins in their bodies to grow and to be a source of protein that is why proteins are added to animal feeds.

Carbohydrates and Fats

Carbohydrates and fats, when burned, become energy. And animals need energy to aid in their muscles build up and growth. More so, energy is used for work or produce milk. Carbohydrates make the primary source of energy since sugar from carbohydrate are easily digested, while fats are needed to be stored in the body as it slowly burns, providing more energy than starch.


Vitamins help your animals maintain a strong immune system and stay healthy. Commonly, vitamins that are added by animal feed companies include vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and different types of vitamin B.

Vitamin A is used to help in the milk production and animal reproduction, as well as to keep strong resistance from respiratory diseases. Vitamin D stimulates calcium which is needed for bone growth. Vitamin E helps give normal hatching of eggs, while vitamins C and K are added to feeds as safety factors to avoid them from diseases.

The different types of vitamin B, though are not needed by some animals like cattle and sheep, are still added since calves, poultry and swine are still needed for their diet.


Minerals are required to gain optimum health. It promotes strong immune system and resistance to many diseases, and it helps maintain normal and healthy body functions. Minerals taken by animals should be regulated, for both deficiency and excess of minerals can cause diseases to your animals. Minerals should just be in enough amounts.

Antibiotics and Growth Stimulants

These are added by animal feed companies to the feeds to help with the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals in the feeds to the animals. They are also used to help improve animal metabolism and health. Antibiotics for animals can also fight bacterial infections among animals and helps improve growth.


Animal feeds vary according to their primary usage. Some are made especially for growth and milk reproduction, and some and mainly for disease protection. Whatever these animal feeds are designed specifically for, the basic composition of every feed is still present for an overall health of every animal.