Is Switching to Solar Energy A Good Decision

Is Switching to Solar Energy A Good Decision


The sun is the main source of energy here on Earth. It nourishes all life on our planet. For many generations, people have been harnessing energy from the sun. Through technology, scientists today still continue to find a better way to make use of the sun’s energy. It is an unlimited resource enough for human consumption. If this can be utilized properly, a large amount of money could be saved.

So one way we have learned to take advantage of this enormous energy supply is that we have learned how to convert the energy from the sun into different forms of energy that we can use for power, transportation, heating, and many other ways. And one of the biggest achievements through the years is converting solar energy to electrical energy using solar panels.

There are different companies that put up large power plants all over of the world. In these power plants, sunlight is converted to heat energy and used to generate electricity. They are used through collector systems which contain curved metal reflectors that are arranged in long rows.

How to Solar Power Your Home

To install an off-grid solar panel system in your house is very costly even though the prices of the solar panels are getting cheaper already. But considering solar energy as an alternative source is very reliable. The main advantages of installing solar panels are to reduce the carbon footprint that is produced by each member of the house. And of course, you can save on your electricity bill.

What is Grid Tie

It will be best to build an on- the- grid system (grid tie).  It means that you will be using both solar energy and the power from your local utility company. The benefit of the grid-tie system is the net metering. From your solar panels, you can actually produce excess power in which you can sell back to the utility company. Since the system in your house will help produce power for the grid, you can sell it to them. And because you have solar panels and you are on the grid, you can still have electricity even if there is no sun or if it is cloudy.

Before setting up, you must first do load calculations. You should know how much power is needed to run your house or what the average energy your house consumed monthly is. You just have to check your bills from the utility company. The next important thing to do is to choose what panels to use; it is either crystalline or thin film panels.

How Do Solar Panels Work

Solar panels should be placed on the roof because it is directly hit by the sun. You just have to expose the panels to as much sunlight as possible. So how does it work? Special materials (batteries) will harness sunlight and transform it into energy, and then send the energy to an inverter. The inverter will convert the solar energy into electricity to power the house. (In other words: sunlight is harnessed into solar energy and converted to electricity to produce power)