Custom Air Purifying Filters. What They Can Do for Your Home or...

Custom Air Purifying Filters. What They Can Do for Your Home or Business.


Air purifiers pull pollutants out of the air. Doesn’t seem like a complicated process, right? Well, air purifiers do a lot of work and help us continue to breathe air that has been properly filtered. They might not be overly complicated, but trust assured that they are good at doing their job.

Some Things an Air Filter Will Clean from the Air:

Air Filter for Custom Air PurificationMold spores, pollen, and dust are just a few of the things that an air purifier will pull from the air around you. Generally, a type of fan will pull the dirty air toward it and then proceed to filter it though a thick and dense fibrous filter.

Just because you have air that has been purified of these items does not mean that you have “clean” air. Your air could still contain traces of gasses such as radon. It could also contain what is known as a volatile organic compound, which would be something like formaldehyde. These are called molecular pollutants, and many of the filters you use for homes or offices are not equipped to remove them.

Why You Need an Air Filtering System:

No office or home is 100% air tight, so when running an air filter, it is important to remember that it is an ongoing process that will never actually finish. We are continuously working to ensure that the air we are breathing is as clean as possible.

It is also important to know that an air purifier can do nothing about pollutants that are not in the air. This means that things that are not usually airborne, like pet hair, are not being filtered. Pet hair can be an irritant to some, but it usually sticks on your furniture and floors, and wouldn’t be pulled from your home with the assistance of an air purifier.

To remove possible irritants like dog hair or dust mites, you should thoroughly clean your carpets and floors with the use of a good vacuum or steam mop.

The Importance of a Custom Filter:

Having clean air quality is extremely important to our overall health.
Consistently breathing air that is of poor quality is detrimental to our Custom Air Filter for at Home or the Officehealth, and elevated levels of particulate matter can cause chronic bronchitis and acute respiratory issues. It can even aggravate asthma in people and make breathing as a whole difficult. In this case, custom air filters can help individuals with severe lung and breathing issues.

Extremely small particles can reach into the deepest parts of our lungs, and evenly possibly reach the brain. While your basic home pollutants wouldn’t necessarily do any damage to our brains, the small particles that air purifiers pull from the air can get in there and cause damage up to the extent of degenerative brain damage.

We all know that there is no quick fix or a one stop fix to make any problem suddenly go away. An air purifier follows these same rules. Yes, they can clean your air of pollutants, but they are not something that can suddenly make the air 100% clean. Understanding that there are models out there that absolutely work better than others is important in deciding which model will fit your individual needs best and provide the service you need.