Importance of Tactical Gear

Importance of Tactical Gear


Benefits Of Wearing Tactical GearWhether you are in the military, performing a police beat, working as a fire fighter or simply saving lives, you may have a need of owning a range of tactical gear, which are easily available. A few youngsters buy it simply to look “cool”, however there is a huge group of people who are more interested in its practical aspect.

Nevertheless, in case you are in a profession that requires you to wear tactical gear as a standard, it should never be understated. As they say, the more prepared you appear in front of the masses, the better impression you have in front of them making them rely on you and trust on your skills more. A tactical gear is an essential outlook, which makes you look more practical and actionable and it doesn’t merely reflect on you but also how serious and responsible your respective department or domain of work is across the nation.

What Does Tactical Gear Include?

  • A standard tactical gear is a combination of the below different elements:
  • BDU and/or TDU styled upper wear or shirts
  • Cargo-pocket pants
  • For special assignments, it includes an additional jumpsuit
  • Boots as footwear
  • A combat helmet or a sports-style hat

The practical aspect of the above uniform is diverse. It is not about how an officer looks but it more importantly about how armed and protected he is in a situation that has a tendency to go out of hand and can out his life at risk. Wearing a BDU or a TDU style shirt means that you have pockets where you can keep your life-saving tools. It is an equipment that helps you survive gunshot wounds and fatal injuries simply with what you wear.

Most tactical gears come with sidearm, approximately six rifle and as many as four pistol holders, a keeper for shotgun shells and a radio compartment.

Dual Views on Tactical Gear

Nevertheless, there are varying views about the tactical gear as to why or why not it should be made to wear. The group that objects the use of tactical gear says that specifically for police officers, it might not be a good idea since they are public servants and should appear reachable and should not look like military gentlemen.

On the other hand, those who favor tactical gear say that public will still come to a police office when they need help whether or not they are wearing these tactical uniforms. Moreover, they also suggest that the purpose of the uniform is anyway to make them look that they mean business and nothing else so the general public will not hesitate but out more trust in them while receiving assistance.

Advantages of Wearing Tactical Gear

  • Easy access to sidearm
  • Easy access to radio compartment
  • Your entire gear is available in the front on torso
  • Easy access to up to six spare rifle magazines
  • Not awkward to wear, and can easily be tightened or loosened making the gear comfortable
  • A lot of tactical vests offer the wearer to add in extra compartment and packs as and when required

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