Elements Needed When Creating a Magazine Cover

Elements Needed When Creating a Magazine Cover


Are you going to create a magazine for the first time?

For sure, you have already seen a lot of magazines of different types and topics. Some are fashion magazines, food, home and living, travel, and a whole lot more of other magazines of different topics. You may get inspirations from them on how to design your first magazine. But you might be overwhelmed by the different layouts and how characters and texts must be placed. Creating a magazine is never easy but still, with perseverance, you can do it.

The most crucial part of a magazine is the cover. If you have a poorly designed cover, nobody will draw his attention to it. That is why you should be careful in designing it.

Guide to Creating Your First Publication

To help you guide in creating a magazine, here are some tips to designing your magazine cover:

1. Pick a Topic

First, you have to choose the kind of magazine that you want. Is it about fashion? Or is it sports? Or do you want to have a travel magazine? How about a magazine for teens? Whatever you want, choose a topic where your publication revolves. If you already know what you want then creating a magazine will be easier for you. It would be better of you are already knowledgeable about the topic. This helps you in organizing what entries you will be putting and what things you are going to feature.

2. Give a Title or Name of Your Magazine

The magazine title is your brand. In creating a title, base it on your topic. If you have chosen a magazine for music, the title should have a root word that is a musical term. In creating a magazine, you have to make sure that the title is inviting enough. When the audiences hear your title for the first time, they should already have an idea what your publication is about.

3. Put a Cover Article

Your cover article is your featured article of your magazine issue. For example, you publish a monthly magazine and it’s summer. So you can feature a subject like “10 summer destinations around the world” and have it as your cover article, where the details can be seen outside. In order to create a magazine that is engaging and compelling one must make sure that the cover article is well-written and entertaining. A cover article can also take up more pages in your publication than the other ones.

4. Get a Cover Photo

Your cover image is the eye catcher of your magazine. Creating a magazine also means creating a cover image that is catchy enough. When people take a glance at your publication, they should be drawn by the cover photo. Usually, the audience sees the top and center part of the magazine, so you should put the most important elements of your cover photo on those locations of the sheet. The rule of thirds, by putting a 3×3 grid on your page, is your primary guide for doing this.

5. Design Your Masthead

Your masthead says a lot about the branding of your magazine. Use an appropriate masthead that for your publication topic. To design your masthead, decide first about the style of your publication. Is it minimalist or fancy? Who is your target niche? What is your publication topic focusing on? These questions will help you decide what fonts to use and the colors that you should integrate to your masthead in creating a magazine.


Whether it’s for business purposes, a school requirement, or for a personal portfolio, always remember to integrate these elements in the cover page of your magazine. Design it in a way that it relates to your topic and your target niche.

What are you waiting for? Open your design software now and start creating a magazine.