What Magazine Printer Is Best for Mass Production?

What Magazine Printer Is Best for Mass Production?


Magazines are a great medium. They are convenient, attractive, and tactile. With the advancement of technology, thousands of magazines are published every day in all parts of the world. Magazines contain a variety of content and a collection of written articles.

Behind the production, there are groups of people that printed millions of copies and makes it look effortless. They will use a large magazine printer to make it more efficient.

There are a lot of magazine printers you can use to produce a magazine. But magazine publishers prefer or need a magazine printer that can do more than just print. It should be able to provide high-quality printing in a short span.

How Does a Magazine Printing Work?

Once all the pages have been approved, the publishing company then finalizes the files and prepares them for commercial distribution.
Before putting the magazine in the printer, a plate must be created first. The plate is a piece of aluminum that stamps the ink onto the paper.

Then the plates will go to press. It is in the printing press process where the production takes place. On one side of the press, it will be fed a huge roll of paper.

Printing Press and Plates Used For Magazines

Paper flows through the press at a hundred pages per seconds. Once all the pages are printed, they are ready to be bound together into the final magazine.

First, they are cut and then they are loaded in to an area that leads all the pages together and staples them at a very fast speed. The magazine pages are collated, trimmed, folded, stitched and are readied for final packaging.

 What Kind of Magazine Printer Is Commonly Used?

There are various types of magazine printers that are used in any publishing companies.

One of the most common ways of creating printed materials is by using an Offset lithography.

Offset printing is best used for economically producing large volumes with high-quality print, in this case, magazine printing.

How to choose the best magazine printer?

You can easily find printing machines; some are even sold online. But it’s hard to decide on what magazine printer is best for you.

There Are Three Areas for You to Consider.

Antique Magazine Printing Press1.) Highest precision-It should have an accurate synchronicity control with Siemens’ flagship motion control platform (SIMOTION).
SIMOTION is a scalable, high-performance system (hardware and software) that is created to control the mechanical movements of an individual machine.

2.)Convenient and straightforward control-It must have a totally integrated automation with SIMOTION.

3.)Flexible machine configuration- It should have modular, flexible drive and control concepts.

Printing Magazines at Home:

If you want to print your magazine at home, you can use any magazine printer or just an ordinary printer. Magazines are printed on a thin gloss text.

The most common paper to use for magazine printing is an 80 lb gloss text which you can easily find at any office supply store.

If your printer at home doesn’t give a high-quality print, you can always go to the nearest digital printing company. They have access to high-quality printing paper and a high quality printer.