On-Campus Housing or Off Campus: Which One Is Best for You?

On-Campus Housing or Off Campus: Which One Is Best for You?


Are you going to attend a university which is a bit far from your house in the┬ánext school year? Housing is your main concern then. It is quite tough to decide whether to use the campus housing or stay off campus. Your mom insists that you live on campus, but your friends say it’s better to stay off campus with them. In this article let’s discuss what is on and off campus housing to help you choose.

What Is on Campus Housing?

Here are some benefits of living on campus:

Shorter Drive or Commutes

Living on campus means proximity to your classrooms. You will save time from driving and parking your car. Walking or biking to class is even a healthy option.

Better Academic Grades

The time you will save from commuting will be used for studying and researching. You have easy access to libraries, tutors, teachers and study group mates. In between classes they can walk back to their rooms and have a quick nap or study quietly. Essentially they can focus on their coursework and have better GPAs.

Better Access to Activities and Services

Attending club meetings and other campus activities won’t be a problem because of its proximity. They have easy access to campus recreation and dining centers. Internet access is provided in the residential buildings.

Making New Friends

Availing of campus housing enables you to meet and mingle with students from different states, cultures, and countries around the world.

Trained to Be Independent

Living on campus gives them the opportunity to be independent. It is a good start for them to develop life skills required for adulthood.

What’s Off Campus Housing?

Here are benefits for off-campus housing:


You don’t have to follow as many rules as for when you stay on campus. Nobody is overseeing your every move.

You Will Have More Privacy

You have the choice to have your room while if you use campus housing, probably you will share rooms with one or two students.

Less Expensive

You can decide to share a room which costs less. You won’t be compelled to purchase a costly meal plan.

Fewer Distractions

Using campus housing is sometimes too distracting. It’s like every day there’s a party. Living off campus gives you more focus on what is essential to you.

Healthier Eating

You got to choose what you want to eat.

Build Credit History

Paying your utilities with your credit card starts to build your credit.

Freedom to Choose a Roommate

You have control on who your roommate will be. No need to be stuck with an unwanted roommate.

Prepared to a Real Life Living

Living off campus prepares you to the real life. Budgeting your money, cooking and cleaning your room leads to prepare for the transition to life after college.

Why Is Campus Living Expensive

Living on campus is expensive because colleges have spent millions to build new residential buildings and to rehabilitate and refurbish old buildings. Annual maintenance is also one reason. Colleges want to provide quality and comfortable living for students.

Final Thought

On campus living or off-campus? Decide which works for you. If you have the budget, enjoy campus housing if not choose off-campus living. Each has its pros and cons. It doesn’t matter where you live as long as you are comfortable and determined to finish your degree.