How to Keep Your Tactical Equipment Clean and Maintained

How to Keep Your Tactical Equipment Clean and Maintained


Tactical gear is used mainly by Special Troops, The Military, Police and other government establishments and groups. There are also those who wear tactical gear for fashion and convenience or even paintballing. Let’s discuss the best ways to keep your equipment clean.

How to Clean Your Tactical Gear

Keeping your tactical gear clean is a combination of preventive measures and thorough cleaning solutions. Here are some helpful tips on keeping your tactical gear spotless:

Taking preventative measures is always the first step in keeping any equipment clean and intact. Use a scotch guard for your equipment’s protection. It is a fabric protector that you can get from most local retailers including Walmart.

Special Troops Tactical GearScotch Guard helps prevent any stains from having a secure hold on to the material, thus making it easier to clean. Spread the scotch guard solution all over your gear before any combat or extracurricular activities. Allow it the proper amount of time to dry overnight before use.

This type of solution comes in both spray and foam options. The spray kind
dries up faster and easier than the foam solution while the foam is more of a heavy-duty solution that provides more effective coverage. Scotch Guard will give you the upper hand when it comes to stains and will save you financially in the long run.

Speedballing PaintBall Tact-GearHow to Apply Scotch Guard to Your Tactical Gear

First, try it on a small corner to see if there’s a reaction on your fabric. Most of the time, you shouldn’t have any issues. You can use it on all kinds of material, most especially heavy-duty materials. Try to spray it on before wearing your gear so you can spread it around as much as possible to avoid non-protected patches.

If your Tact Gear already has stains, you will need to clean it before using something like Scotch Guard, to protect it from further stains. Anytime your out paint-balling and you get hit with paint; you want to take immediate action. Always bring a spray with you whenever you go out to use on your gear if needed.

When you get hit by a paintball don’t wait until you get home to clean it off, find time to remove your gear¬†and spray the solution on the stain. Wipe the paint off with a micro-fiber towel to prevent the stain from spreading wider and seeping through the fabric. When you get home, brush off the dust and use an air compressor to blow on your gear at an angle. This will help sweep off the paint quickly. If your gear is wet, you can also use a high-pressure jet nozzle that you can connect to a water hose.

Using Conventional Hand-Washing

High-pressure water can easily get most paints off. Try to wipe your gear with a microfiber towel now and then to prevent it from soaking back into the fabric. If you wait for the paint to dry, you can simply use the ordinary toothbrush to get the stain out. You can also use a washing machine to wash your gear. If you throw your gear in a washer, use a delicate spin setting to prevent damaging your fabric. Using just water is fine but hand-washing is much better, and it even extends the life of your gear.

Taking care of your tactical gear is crucial. The tips mentioned above are just a few of many solutions you can find in the stores and online. Always remember that the best way to extend the life of your Tact Gear is to perform preventative care as much as you can.