To carry out its mandate, the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management (LLRWMO) provides the following services:

  • Strategic planning and technical support, in collaboration with government departments.
  • Removal of low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) from contaminated sites and emplacement in temporary or long-term management facilities.
  • Management/monitoring of interim LLRW storage facilities until long-term solutions are available.
  • Environmental remediation and management of sites contaminated with historic LLRW.
  • Identification, technical consultation on and management of radioactive artefacts found on public and private properties throughout Canada.
  • Provision of information to the public about historic waste management programs and LLRW in general.
  • Sharing of technical expertise and practical experience within the international community through technical papers, presentations and attendance at conferences and meetings.
  • Technical and management support to the Port Hope Area Initiative Management Office (PHAI MO).